School Presentation Part 3: What are You Taking?

The third video from our school presentations covers the equipment that our expedition will bring. We show samples of the some items we are packing in an effort to travel as light as possible as we engage in a variety of activities during our around-the-world journey.

Missed our first two videos? Click the links to view the first and the second videos. Our fourth and final school presentation video will be released soon.

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2 thoughts on “School Presentation Part 3: What are You Taking?

  1. Shirley Wooldridge

    Will you be able to get more of this dehydrated food while traveling elsewhere?
    I cannot imagine the time you have spent just planning what clothes to take as well as everything else you will need.
    Time for departure is almost here!!!!

    • Darren and Sandy Post author

      Some places will have dehydrated food and others won’t. In that case we will purchase rice or pasta or other dried foods.

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