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Trekking California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains on the JMT and PCT Summary Video

In July and August 2021 we undertook our latest journey: a 268.5-mile section hike in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our trekking took us on the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail through two national parks and five wilderness areas. The video shows some of the most spectacular and pristine scenery in the world that we saw (and heard) during our 20 days of hiking.

A Smoky Finale: Finishing the Sierra Nevada PCT

After 12 1/2 days and 160 miles of trekking on the Pacific Crest Trail through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we stopped to resupply in Yosemite National Park’s Tuolumne Meadows. Now we were faced with a weather forecast of up to a half-inch of rain (and potential thunder and lightning) for each of the next three days. There was also a looming fire closure to the north of us.

Keeping a Weather Eye: Continuing the Sierra Nevada PCT

During the first six days of our Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Sierra Nevada trek, we completed 69 miles and ascended over five passes of at least 11,500 feet in elevation. We also contended with afternoon heat and sudden rainstorms. While the altitude of the passes would diminish as we continued north, we knew that the trail (and the weather) would continue to be challenging.