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Travel Like a Pro: A Packing List for Any Type of Adventure

One of the practices that Darren and I follow is to maintain a packing list. Over the years, we have had several lists floating around. Recently, we combined all of these into one comprehensive list that we call our “Master Packing List.” It includes everything that we could bring, grouped by category. This practice makes it easy to tailor our list for a particular trip. Thus, this packing list can be used for all types of travel, including backpacking, international travel, car-camping, or simply an overnighter at a friend’s house.

What is it Like to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)? [Video]

In 2016 we attempted to hike the entire 2,650-mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in one season. Over 4 1/2 months we completed 1,828 miles of the trail in California and Oregon. Although we did not reach our goal of finishing the entire trail, we still had a great experience hiking in the California desert, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Cascade Range. Take a look.