Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns, Australia [Video]

Catch up with the Van Soyes as they cover their day on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns, Australia. In this underwater video you will see the colorful fish and corals that attract visitors from around the world.

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One thought on “Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns, Australia [Video]

  1. Mister Perhaps

    How could you leave that place. I could spend months right there exploring the reef. I got my scuba certification after snorkeling the coral reefs when we stayed at the Princeville condos on Kauai. The water was 3 1/2 feet deep for 600ft then it dropped off to 60ft at the end of the coral. There was huge parrot fish all sorts of needle nose, tangs, rainbow wrasse, clown and angel fish. I got lucky one day and saw a sea turtle that I couldn’t catch and two giant manta rays.
    The first time I was there I’m gonna guess was 75′ or 76′. Whichever it was the movie Jaws had just come out. That movie was not exactly a boon to the scuba industry. I had to snorkel for the first time days after seeing that movie. But I had a plan. Any time I went in the water I would place my scrawny 90lb. frame right next to the fins of my dads delectable fat juicy 245lb. shark family platter of a body. Thinking that my odds of survival increased significantly if I swam next to him.

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