A Culinary Journey: Trekking the Planet Food Articles

One of the great pleasures of traveling is the culinary journey taken in trying food from the places you visit. While on our expedition, we wrote several articles about our food experiences. Read all six stories here!

May 2012: Food in Asia – The Good, the Bad and the Not So Appealing

Night market stall - Malaysia

One first food article was about our experiences in Southeast Asia. We highlighted the good and bad in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. In Singapore, we ate dinner one night in a parking lot underneath a sea of 50 + story buildings. A series of satay stalls are set up each night. As you walk into the area vendors from each stall call out to try to get your business. There are about 15 stalls, all numbered, but with some type of adjective in front to differentiate one place from another. For instance, we passed by Great Satay #1, Best Satay #3, World’s Best Satay #6. Read more here.

July 2012: Our Continued Food Adventures in Asia

Borscht for Breakfast – Kyrgyzstan

The second part of our food highlights in Asia summarized our experiences in Nepal, Tibet / China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In Tibet, we ordered several yak items that we found on menus. This included yak cheese pizza and yak burgers. Darren especially liked yak meat and even ordered yak pepper steak one night! Read more about our adventures here.

September 2012: A Food Journey through Europe – Part 1

Struklji (dessert) - Slovenia

Our first European food summary focused on the culinary highlights of Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Slovenia. In Finland, game, such as moose, reindeer and deer, are meal options. Berries can be picked throughout the country. After choosing a restaurant, we enjoyed reindeer stroganoff, served atop mashed potatoes, which were accompanied by delicious lingonberries. For dessert, we had a piece of cheesecake served with locally-grown raspberries. Read about our European journey here.

November 2012: Our European Food Experiences – Part II

Baklava - Serbia

The countries of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Italy were highlighted in the second part of our food experiences in Europe. In northeastern Romania, we ate a variety of local food in the small town of Gura Humorului, where we stayed for three days. One of our favorite meals was a stuffed cabbage that came in the form of a pie. Read more here.

December 2012: Exploring Food in Africa and the Middle East

Baking abud bread over an open fire - Jordan

While spending two months in this fascinating part of the world, we looked back at our food experiences in Ethiopia and Jordan. In Ethiopia the staple food is called injera. Injera is made with teff flour and ferments for several days, making it taste somewhat lemony when eaten alone. However, it is usually served with one or more stews, some of which are very spicy. Darren’s favorite was tibs, which is a dish of sautéed meat. Read more about food in Ethiopia and Jordan here.

March 2013: A Taste of Argentina – Food Highlights

Arroz con pollo dish - Argentina

Our last food review was in the continent of South America. We spent most of our time in the country of Argentina and concentrated our food highlights there. The food of this country has an unique blend of influences from its Italian and Spanish immigrants and from the large number of cow and sheep herds. Meat is definitely one of the national dishes of Argentina and nothing is better than enjoying an asado or barbecue. On several occasions we ate wonderful barbecue steaks that were tender and favorable. Read more about Argentina’s food here.

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