(Legend: Blue-travel by ship; Red – travel by bus or train; Green – travel by air)

Trekking the Planet began as a 424-day, around-the-world trip (Trekking the Planet RTW) to raise K-12 geo-literacy. We visited 53 countries on six continents. During the expedition we trekked in 12 of some of the most remote and unspoiled places in the world. By visiting places of cultural and natural significance, our hope was to instill a greater awareness and curiosity about the world in as many young people as possible. The journey began on 28 January 2012 and was completed on 26 March 2013. During our expedition, we published free weekly educational materials that corresponded to our current location.

Here is a short video overview about the Trekking the Planet RTW expedition.

Also be sure to check out our Geography Navigator page, which visually shows the location of our education materials, stories and videos on a world map. Looking for information about a given country? Country Capsules has our materials categorized by nation. And if you like information “by the numbers,” check out our Trekking the Planet by the Numbers series of information by continent, including:

  • Population (and world rank)
  • Area (and world rank)
  • Life Expectancy at Birth in Years (and world rank)
  • GDP Per Capita – PPP (and world rank)
  • Median Age in Years
  • Literacy Rate percentage
  • Big Mac Index (to learn more about this measure, click here)

To read more about our travels, click below.

View our journey by continent:

View our journey in chronological order:

  • South America by the Numbers We are ending our time in South America and Sandy summarizes some trip statistics, as well as country information, for the six nations that we visited.
  • Our Voyage Home We boarded the Star Princess in Valparaiso, Chile, to begin our 2 ½ week journey home. It was only when we began to unpack our rolling duffels that it hit us that our expedition was actually coming to an end.
  • Trekking the Planet: South America Recap [Video] Catch up with the Trekking the Planet team as Darren and Sandy review their time in South America.
  • In Pictures: Our Treks – Part 2 In the second part of this story we look back at our last six treks. In all, we hiked 470 miles (758 kilometers) over 60 days of trekking.
  • Worn Out Darren writes about the state of our clothing and gear now that we are nearing the end of our journey.
  • North America by the Numbers As we complete our travels in North America, Sandy provides some trip statistics, as well as country information, for the six nations that we visited.
  • Trek on the Wild Side: Costa Rica and Nicaragua Located on the Central American isthmus, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are two countries that have a wealth of biodiversity within their borders. During our time here we river trekked and hiked around a volcano crater.
  • Trekking the Planet: Epilogue [Video] Catch up with the Trekking the Planet team as Darren and Sandy review their entire journey. In this video, you will hear about the team’s adventures as they sought to bring geography to life. The interview takes place just days after they arrive home, with questions from their daughter Kristen.
  • Home at ‘Last’! We arrived home, in Southern California, yesterday. In the final days of our journey we had many ‘lasts’: last bus trip, last hotel room, last time packing, last country visited, and finally, the last few miles home.
  • Trekking the Planet: By the Numbers [Infographic] Here’s a look at the Trekking the Planet expedition in a fun and new way -with an Infographic!
  • What’s Next for Trekking the Planet? What’s next for Trekking the Planet, now that we are at end of our journey?
  • Trekking the Planet Wallpaper – Series 14 Our fourteenth series of wallpaper, covering our time in Chile, Costa Rica and Nicaragua is now available!
  • Our Journey is featured on Gadling.com! Gadling.com has published a story about our entire expedition, detailing the purpose of our journey and some of its highlights.
  • Trekking the Planet Panoramic Photos – Series 8 Here is the next series of panoramic pictures, covering our time in Chile, Nicaragua and Mexico.