Below are some detailed graphs and statistics about our Trekking the Planet expedition. Click to enlarge any graph. Use the back button to return to this page.

Types of Transportation – Overall Journey

We traveled 77,354 miles (124,489 kilometers) in total, or 3.1 times the circumference of the earth at its equator.

Types of Transportation by Continent

Miles Traveled by Type and Treks by Month

More Facts

  • Total Trekking Distance: 470 Miles (758 Kilometers)
  • Average Trekking Distance: 39.2 Miles (63.1 Kilometers)
  • Longest Trek: Nepal – May 2012, total of 91 Miles (147 Kilometers)

Where We Spent the Night – Overall Journey

Where We Spent the Night by Continent

More Facts

  • Hotels: We stayed in 97 hotels and a total of 113 different rooms (we stayed in some places multiple times)
  • Average Hotel Room Stay: 2.2 nights
  • Least Expensive Hotel: Hotel Mystique, Lo Manthang, Nepal – $9.00 a night
  • Most Expensive Hotel: Hotel Las Torres, Torres del Paine, Chile – $338.00 a night

Days Spent by Local Season and by Hemisphere

More Facts

  • Number of Times We Crossed the Equator: 8
  • Furthest Point North on our Journey: Narvik, Norway – 68° N and 140 miles (220 kilometers) inside the Arctic Circle (on July 31, 2012)
    • Narvik is 1,496 miles (2,407 kilometers) from the North Pole
  • Furthest Point South on our Journey: Sobenes Pass, Chile – 52° S and reached while traveling through the Chilean Fjords by ferry (on February 26, 2013)

Average Daily Spending by Continent

More Facts

  • Number of Currencies Used: 39
  • Average Daily Spend while Traveling (including Cruises): $259.14

Since all our time in North America was spent on a cruise ship, that breakout is not included.

Miles Traveled by Continent

More Facts

  • Number of Time Zones Crossed: 27
    • Longest time in a Time Zone: 74 days in GMT +3 (East Africa, Eastern Europe (DST), Jordan)
  • Number of World Heritage Sites Visited: 34
    • Oceania: 3
    • Asia: 10
    • Europe: 12
    • Africa: 4
    • South America: 5

Number of Students (top) and Classrooms (bottom) Visited by Country

Educator Subscribers, as of March 1, 2013 – by Grade, U.S. State and Country

More Facts

  • Number of Videos Produced: over 70

Our subscribers came from about 850 classrooms / schools, and represented over 50,000 students. Most U.S. states were represented, as well as 20 countries. Thanks to all of you who sent us questions and encouragement during our journey!

Friend Subscribers, as of March 1, 2013 – by U.S. State and Country

More Facts

  • Number of Pictures Taken: over 13,000

Our Friends subscriber base grew to over 300 people during our journey. Our Friends came from twelve countries and a majority of the U.S. states. We so appreciated hearing from all of you as we traveled. Thanks!

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