Oceania by the Numbers

Sandy provides some trip statistics, as well as country information, for the three nations that we visited during our seven weeks in Oceania.

This is a story for those of you who are “into the numbers”. We kept track of some statistics and fun measures during our seven weeks of travels in Oceania:

Number of Days in Oceania: 49
Number of Countries Visited: 3
Number of Time Zones Crossed: 8
Miles Traveled by Boat: 13,907
Miles Traveled by Road: 163
Miles Traveled by Rail: 555
Miles Traveled by Air: 715
Miles Trekked: 50
Average Daily Cost (for two, including visas): $177.39

To provide a little more in-depth look at each of the three countries we visited, we have created a table listing:

  • Population (and world rank)
  • Area (and world rank)
  • Life Expectancy at Birth in Years (and world rank)
  • GDP Per Capita – PPP (and world rank)
  • Median Age in Years
  • Literacy Rate percentage
  • Big Mac Index (to learn more about this measure, click here)

Sources for each item are listed. Click the image below to view the detailed table.

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