Trekking the Planet: Epilogue [Video]

Catch up with the Trekking the Planet team as Darren and Sandy review their entire journey. In this video, you will hear about the team’s adventures as they sought to bring geography to life. The interview takes place just days after they arrive home, with questions from their daughter Kristen.

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One thought on “Trekking the Planet: Epilogue [Video]

  1. Mitch Mabee Reply

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!! Somethings fishy though. How the hell did Kristen get an exclusive? I guess she asked the right questions huh? But come on she’s just slow pitching these softballs up there. Why have they sealed the Lauren interview? What is Darren & Sandy hiding? I should work for a tabloid. What’s the motto? When there’s no news we promise to report it as if there was. That was one heck of of a vacation guys. Glad everyone made it home safe. Thanks for letting me tag along.

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