The Painted Monasteries of Romania [Video]

Catch up with the Trekking the Planet team as they cover their time in the northern Romania visiting the Painted Monasteries. This video also highlights the old town in Brasov in the center of Romania. During the credits, you will witness photos taken during the light show in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.

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0:10 Hi. This is Sandy Van Soye from Trekking the Planet.
0:13 Well, after two days of travel by bus and train from Budapest, Hungary we have finally
0:17 arrived in northeast Romania. Our purpose in coming here is to visit the painted monasteries.
0:23 These monasteries were built in the 15th and 16th centuries and are listed as a UNESCO
0:27 world heritage site because of their interior and exterior frescos.
0:31 Let’s take a look! We spent about a week in Romania visiting
0:41 two locations: Gura Humorului, a small town in the far north, and Brasov, in the center
0:47 of the country. During the 15th and 16th centuries, over 40
0:53 churches and monasteries were built as dedications near Gura Humorului.
0:58 Eight of the monasteries are now designated UNESCO World Heritage sites.
1:03 We visited two of them. Voronet is known for the unique blue color
1:07 used in its outdoor murals. The frescoes at Humor are similar, but painted
1:24 about 60 years later. The predominant color here is a reddish-brown.
1:34 We climbed up to the top of the large tower next to the Humor Monastery for a look at
1:38 the surrounding countryside. Darren spoke to one of the nuns at the Humor
1:55 Monastery and found that there are 15 living there in a small convent.
2:01 After our stay in Gura Humorului, we rode a train to Brasov and stayed in the old town.
2:08 During our visit, we took a cable car to the top of the nearby hill that looks the city.
2:25 Romania seemed packed with history and authentic cultural sites.
2:28 We are so glad we were able to include it on our itinerary.
2:34 Well, that’s all for now. Check back later for more updates. Thanks

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