Cruising the Patagonian Fjords on the Navimag Ferry [Video]

Catch up with the Trekking the Planet team as Sandy reviews their time traveling through the Patagonian fjords and channels on the Navimag Ferry Evangelistas ship from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt in Chile. During this episode, you will get a look at the dining hall, the bridge, the cabins and the beautiful scenery along the way. You will also witness the breach of a huge whale.

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Spanish Translation by: Cristina Luz García Gutiérrez (

Full Disclosure: We paid full price for our stay and tours and did not receive any remuneration for this story.

0:10 Hi, this is Sandy Van Soye from Trekking the Planet.
0:13 After our trek in Torres del Paine, we returned to Puerto Natales for the night before boarding
0:18 the Evangelistas – a ferry operated by the Navimag.
0:22 We used it to travel up the Chilean Fiordland from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt in the
0:27 north. This journey takes three days and four nights.
0:30 The Evangelistas is a working ferryboat, not a cruise ship.
0:33 It runs year round and services several small villages along the Chilean coast.
0:37 The first recorded European to visit this area was Megellin who made his way through
0:42 here in the16th century. Besides just a few differences, it must have
0:46 looked pretty much as it does today. Because of the terrain, most of this area is virtually
0:51 inaccessible except by boat although a rough gravel road has just been completed.
0:57 This is our cabin. It’s about the same size as a room we stayed in Stockholm, Sweden last
1:01 summer. At least this room has a window! The one in
1:05 Stockholm was underground with no windows and rather claustrophobic.
1:09 We have our own bathroom which is down the hall – about 30 steps away. Which is fine…
1:13 We knew what we do signing up.
1:16 And this is the dining room. Right now, breakfast is being served. The food is tasty but definitely
1:20 not gourmet.
1:23 This scenery here has been just fantastic. It reminds us of the Inside Passage near Vancouver,
1:28 British Columbia. We also got to see another glacier! The captain took us down a small
1:32 inlet to see it.
1:41 The ocean has been very smooth. We have heard horror stories about the conditions on other
1:45 sailings, especially here in the winter.
1:47 We have just been told that whales have been sighted off the port side of the ship!
2:06 Well, that’s it for now. Check back later for more updates! Thanks!

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