A Show of Hands (Cueva de Las Manos) [Video]

Catch up with the Trekking the Planet team as Darren and Sandy review their time at the Cueva de Las Manos (or Cave of The Hands). This UNESCO World Heritage Site has rock art that has been dated to be over 9,000 years old! In this video, you will see a hand print with six fingers, images of animals, mountains and water. You will also see images of the stark desert beauty of the surrounding area.

Spanish Translation by: Cristina Luz García Gutiérrez (cristinaluzgarcia@gmail.com)

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0:35 Hi! This is Sandy Van Soye for Trekking the Planet.
0:37 Well, we have been moving south last few weeks in South America.
0:40 And, today, we are in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
0:43 This morning, we have taking a tour of the Cueva de Las Manos or the Cave of the Hands.
0:48 This is a UNESCO world heritage site that actually has rock art or paintings as old
0:53 as 9,000 years! So, we have been looking at the different
0:56 types of paintings along the rock walls. They include different hands – even one
1:01 with six fingers. Some are positive. Some are negative. Using
1:05 the paint that they made themselves. We have seen mountains depicted.
1:08 We have seen water represented. We have seen a variety of animals including
1:12 in a puma print. And guanacos which is like a llama.
1:17 So, it has been very interesting to see this and get a glimpse into the culture here that
1:20 lived so long in this area. That’s it for now.
1:23 Check back later for more updates. Thanks!

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