Trekking the Planet Wallpaper – Series 11

Our eleventh series of wallpaper, covering our time in Marrakesh, Morocco, is now available! This theme includes ten (10) wallpaper photos. They will automatically be rotated every 30 minutes.

If you missed our last series of wallpaper, you can find it by clicking Series 10 Wallpaper.


Instructions: If you run Windows 7, you can download and install the latest Trekking the Planet theme. Right-click on the icon for the themepack above and then select either Save Link As… or Save Target As… (depends on your browser). If all else fails, you can always select a single photo from the list below (see next paragraph).

If you don’t have Windows 7 or are having trouble with the instructions above, you can still select one of the wallpapers below. If you need help setting your Desktop Background, you can find instructions here.

Bahia Palace - Marrakesh, Morocco

Bahia Palace 2 - Marrakesh, Morocco

Bahia Palace 3 - Marrakesh, Morocco

Bahia Palace 4 - Marrakesh, Morocco

Medina - Marrakesh, Morocco

Medina 2 - Marrakesh, Morocco

Medina 3 - Marrakesh, Morocco

Shoes in market - Marrakesh, Morocco

Spice market - Marrakesh, Morocco

Sunrise in port - Casablanca, Morocco

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