Making the Case for Geography in our Schools – One Viewpoint

Recent geography graduate student Christina Salas has written an article called Making the Case for Geography in our Schools: A Commentary on the State of Geographic Education. In it she reviews the lack of geography education in schools, especially at the secondary level. She also views geography as multi-dimensional, taking into account subjects such as economics and sociology into an integrated view of the world.

She writes: “Many contemporary authors have popularized the study of globalization and the notion that the world is becoming a smaller, more interconnected place through the internet, the mass spread of information and the onset of international travel among others. But what good can come of a more interconnected world if those people who are becoming more connected have no knowledge, political, economic, social or otherwise of the places and the people with which they are connecting to? And while I’m sure high-school age students could discuss the basic facts concerned with the Iraq war, how many could point Iraq out on a map, could explain how religious tensions have played a central part in the breakdown Iraqi domestic politics or why many believe Iran to be a more imminent threat than Iraq to begin with?”

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