iPads and Technology Trends In Education

Darren shows how the Trekking the Planet expedition plans to leverage technology, including iPads, throughout our journey.

As technology continues to progress and costs come down, uses in education become more prevalent. To see how technology has evolved in the classroom, check out this story. As a case in point, the Apple iPad is now becoming part of a student’s back-to-school list, with some schools now requiring purchase for use in the classroom. The iPad is unique in that there are many apps available that are education-related. There is also a push toward digital media that can be accessed by this device. For a look at over 50 potential uses for iPads in the classroom, read the piece.

Trekking the Planet plans to leverage technology during our journey by not only providing classrooms with pictures, audio and video from the road, but by leveraging the iPad to interact with our educational modules directly on that device. All our modules are in PDF format, with live hyperlinks throughout the four-page documents. All links can be accessed from iBooks on the iPad, which allows the source material, maps and references to be viewed right on the device. This allows students to use our materials interactively and research areas that are in of interest in a totally digital mode. To interactively view one of our modules with your iPad, download our Hawaii sample to your iPad and save it into iBooks. Of course, these materials will work with a Macintosh or Windows-based system as well.

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