Europe Itinerary – Part II

Below is a summary of our itinerary for the second part of our travels through Europe. We will be visiting nine countries during this time. Our stops focus on Eastern Europe and vary between cities, cultural areas, and national parks. After we complete this portion of our journey then we are off to Africa!

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Entry Date Location Comments
8/23 Austria Just passing through on the train
8/23 Bled, Slovenia Trekking in the Julian Alps
8/31 Ljubljana, Slovenia
9/2 Budapest, Hungary
9/5 Cluj Napoca, Romania
9/6 Gura Humorului, Romania
9/9 Brasov, Romania
9/12 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
9/15 Belgrade, Serbia
9/18 Zagreb, Croatia
9/20 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
9/22 Zadar, Croatia
9/25 Rome, Italy
9/26 Vatican City Visiting while in Rome
9/27 Dolomites Mountains, Italy

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