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Awesome time camping & hiking on Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands NP. After 4 1/2 months & 17,000 miles on the road, on our way home...

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National Park Panoramic Photos – Series 5

Here is the final installment of the panoramic photos that we took of the national parks that we visited, from Wind Cave to Channel Islands, as well as some other places on the road. Click on any of the pictures for a larger view. Enjoy!

Channel Islands National Park

A Coastal Finale: Channel Islands National Park

Off the coast of California, between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, lie the Channel Islands. There are eight islands in the 160 mile archipelago, and five of those comprise Channel Islands National Park. Our visit to the 27th and final park on our Trekking the Planet NPS journey was an overnight adventure. After a ferry ride from the mainland, we camped on the largest island, Santa Cruz, and hiked to island ridges, along sheer cliffs, and to breathtaking beaches and coves.

Pinnacles National Park

California Crags and Caves: Pinnacles National Park

America’s newest national park is Pinnacles, established in 2013, and located about 80 miles southeast of San Jose, California. After arriving there on an extremely hot afternoon, with temperatures approaching 100 degrees F, our first impressions were of nothing special – just many large oak trees and chaparral covered hills. But when we started hiking the next morning we were blown away by the beauty of the volcanic rocky crags within the dry hills. During our two days in the park we hiked 17.2 miles, scrambled in two talus caves, and scanned the skies for the endangered California condors that glide over the peaks in the early morning and late afternoon.