Trekking the Planet Recap Videos

Here are all eight of the Trekking the Planet recap videos, filmed throughout our journey, in one place! These videos summarized Darren and Sandy’s time in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, as well as provided updates at sea, in Bangkok, Thailand and Riga, Latvia. Our final video was filmed just after arriving back in the United States!

April 2012: Trekking the Planet: Day 67 Update Video

Our first video was produced as we sailed on the Ocean Princess between Sydney, Australia and Singapore. In this video we asked each other a series of questions in one take, meaning it is unedited, unrehearsed and unscripted.

May 2012: Trekking the Planet: Day 100 Update Video

Our day 100 update video reviewed our time in Southeast Asia. This entire video was recorded in one take from Lumphini Park in Bangkok, Thailand.

July 2012: Farewell to Asia Video

We summarized our time in Asia while in Uzbekistan. In this video we discussed our personal highlights as well as challenges that we faced… and overcame while spending over three months in Asia. We also highlighted our plans for the next few months.

July 2012: Update from Riga Video

In this video, Sandy provided her first impressions of Europe from Riga, Latvia and our plans for the next few weeks.

September 2012: Uncut – Africa Overview

We filmed this video while in Castelrotto, Italy. Here, we reviewed our time in Europe and discussed our upcoming trip to Kenya and Ethiopia in Africa.

December 2012: Trekking the Planet: Africa Recap Video

This video looked back at our time in Africa and the Middle East. We highlighted the Great Migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve, the Gelada Baboons in Simien Mountains National Park and the rock-hewn churches of Tigray region of Ethiopia. Lastly, we gazed on the Treasury in Petra, Jordan. We discussed some of our impressions from the two months we spent in this fascinating region of the world.

March 2013: Trekking the Planet: South America Recap Video

Our last continent video reviewed our time in South America, as we adventured deep into the Amazon Rainforest and visited the historic cities of Cordoba and Mendoza. Finally, we looked back at our visit to Patagonia in both Argentina and Chile.

March 2013: Trekking the Planet: Epilogue Video

In our final video, we reviewed our entire journey, as our daughter Kristen interviewed us. In this video, you will hear about our adventures as we sought to bring geography to life.