What’s Next for Trekking the Planet?

We have arrived home from our 14-month around-the-world expedition. So you might ask, what’s next, now that we are at end of our journey?

Tasmanian devil, Australia

To be honest, we haven’t had time to process everything we have experienced so we are still determining the answer to that question. In one of the stories written about us before our trip, the writer said “… that we would be changed in ways we could not imagine”. We can tell you, now that we are finished with this journey, that we think she was right.

Monks receiving Alms, Luang Prabang, Laos

We hope to continue to write articles for our website. Sandy is also planning to write a book about our experiences while we traveled.

Trondheim, Norway

In fact, we have had almost a lifetime of experiences in this last 14 month period. Darren has a working title of Half a Lifetime for a documentary about our journey that he is producing.

Elephants, Masai Mara National Reserve - Kenya

We already have scheduled presentations and webcasts at schools that have been following our journey. If you are interested in having us give a free presentation in person or via a webcast, please contact us. We also open to speaking engagements at civic groups and corporate events.

Cueva de Las Manos near Perito Moreno, Argentina

Who knows, there might even be a Trekking the Planet 2! Stay tuned for more information in the coming months! To stay-up-to-date on our activities and plans, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Hamilton, Bermuda

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4 thoughts on “What’s Next for Trekking the Planet?

  1. Mitch Mabee Reply

    There’s the best answer to what’s next: Producing the documentary “Half a Lifetime”. That I look forward to.

  2. Mitch Mabee Reply

    Just showing some Trek video to Sharon. She asks “Just amazing Darren. I understand you make these videos available to elementary and middle schools. Is there footage of children in Kenya available for kids in Calif and vice versa. Secondly could you get signal reception in any country in Africa?

    • Darren and Sandy Post authorReply

      Hi Mitch and Sharon! Answer #1: Not of Kenya. But, our Kids presentation includes clips of students in Ethiopia. We showed our full PowerPoint presentation while in Thialand, Latvia and Serbia. We only used an inflatable globe during our presentations in the other places (American Samoa, Laos, Nepal, Kenya and Ethiopia). Answer #2: Yes. Nearly everyone in Keyna and Ethiopia has a mobile phone. We were able to get a signal most everywhere. Darren

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