Trekking the Planet Journey Updates

You can expect to hear from us in three different ways during our journey. Some of our communication is virtually real-time, while other methods will be delayed. Our updates are highly dependent on Internet availability and post processing time for pictures and videos. So it may look like, at times, that we have moved on to another location before our pictures and videos have been published from our previous location.

  1. Real Time Updates – We plan to send daily or every other day updates from our current location. These will appear in our Facebook and Twitter feeds. When possible we will also include pictures. This is fairly predictable because we do not have to have Internet for these updates.
  2. Pictures, Video and Emails – We will publish our latest pictures and videos as soon as possible. There may be a lag between our location and its corresponding video and pictures, due to Internet availability and bandwidth. This will be most noticeable while we are on ships and trekking.
  3. Weekly Newsletters – Our newsletters are published on Mondays each week. These will contain the education module corresponding to our location during that week. In addition, the newsletter will contain emails, pictures and videos produced since our last newsletter. So you’ll always have access to our recent updates in one place.

Our Live Tracker webpage will also display our most current pictures, video, emails and Twitter feeds, so you can check there during the week between newsletter publications.

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