Trekking the Planet Q&A

We recently took a list of some of our most frequently asked questions and each took turns answering them. Learn why we are taking our trip, our packing strategy and our communication plans on the road.

iPads and Technology Trends In Education

Trekking the Planet plans to leverage technology during our journey by not only providing classrooms with pictures, audio and video from the road, but by leveraging the iPad to interact with our educational modules directly on that device.

Why Geography Matters

This three minute video, put out by Google Earth, provides some insight into what geography is and why it matters through the eyes of students.

Geography Awareness

Did you know that American knowledge of geography is one of the worst in the world? A National Geographic-Roper Study that surveyed young Americans showed that 88 percent of those questioned could not find Afghanistan on a map of Asia. Sixty-three percent could not find Iraq or Saudi Arabia on a map, and 75 percent could not point out Iran or Israel.