Europe Itinerary – Part I

Here is a summary of our itinerary for the next few weeks. We will be visiting ten countries during this time. To follow along be sure to sign up to receive our free weekly newsletters.

Entry Date Location Comments
7/10 Riga, Latvia
7/13 Tallin, Estonia
7/16 Helsinki, Finland
7/18 Stockholm, Sweden
7/21 Kiruna, Sweden Trekking the Kungsleden
7/31 Bodo, Norway
8/1 Trondheim, Norway
8/4 Oslo, Norway
8/6 Copenhagen, Denmark
8/8 Gdansk, Poland
8/11 Krakow, Poland
8/14 Zdiar, Slovakia
8/17 Czech Republic Just passing through on the train
8/17 Dresden, Germany
8/21 Bamberg, Germany

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2 thoughts on “Europe Itinerary – Part I

  1. Abe Peters

    Now it starts to ring more familiar. Tallin, Helsinke, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Gdansk were places we visited a few years ago.
    We still think of you often. Great mealtimes together on the Pacific Princess. You have seen so very (extremely) much since then. Keep safe and happy.
    Abe & Betty

    • Darren and Sandy Post author

      Hi Abe and Betty – always great to hear from you and we think of you often! Take Care! Sandy and Darren

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