How we converted our 4Runner into a Camper

Camping is a main component of our U.S. National Parks journey, as we travel to 27 parks over four-and-a-half months. In fact, we plan to camp over 100 nights while driving round the United States. While planning this trip, Sandy … More >>

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Announcing Our Next Adventure – A Journey to 27 United States National Parks!

Our next journey, beginning in March 2017, will take us to 27 of the U.S. National Parks, over a 4 1/2 month period! Most people are aware of the iconic parks of Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. These are just three of the 59 National Parks found throughout the country. Our goal in visiting 27 National Parks this year, similar to our other journeys, is to focus on the cultural and natural significance of the parks. So we plan to visit many of the more obscure and lesser known places.
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Update from PCT Mile 2144

The Pacific Crest Trail spans three states as it travels from Mexico to Canada: California, Oregon and Washington. The Oregon portion of the trail is the shortest of the three states, covering a distance of 455 miles. As we trekked closer to the California/Oregon border we heard all kinds of stories from other hikers. "Oregon is flat, and you can easily hike 25 to 30 miles each day," one person told us. "It's a "green tunnel" of shady forests with not many mountain views," said another. All we knew was, after over 1,300 miles of hiking in California, we were ready to tackle a new state.
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Update from PCT Mile 1689

The Cascade Range of mountains extend about 700 miles from British Columbia, Canada to Northern California. The Cascades differ from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in their series of volcanic peaks dotting Northern California, Oregon and Washington. In fact, all of the volcanic eruptions over the past 200 years in the contiguous United States have taken place in the Cascades.
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Update from PCT Mile 1284

It had been a traumatic experience for us to leave the PCT in the High Sierras, due to the raging river crossings. As we rejoined the trail in South Lake Tahoe, we weren't sure whether we would encounter other issues that would force us to make a similar decision. We knew that we would still face some snow, but weren’t sure to what extent it would affect our hiking progress.
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Update From PCT Mile 1090

The past segment of the PCT from Tehachapi, CA has had a little of everything: heat, scarce water, fire worries, treacherous trail, snow, and finally, torrential rivers and streams.  It also marked the end of our desert hiking and the beginning of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
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Update from PCT Mile 566

Since our last post we have arrived in Tehachapi, CA, located about 35 miles southeast of Bakersfield.
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Update from PCT Mile 342

We are at Cajon Junction, mile 342 on the Pacific Crest Trail, and at the end of four weeks of trekking. Already in that time we have hiked through a variety of weather, including rain, gusty winds, a snowstorm, and temperatures in the 90s.
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Preparing for the Pacific Crest Trail

Sandy details some of our preparation for the Pacific Crest Trail trek.
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Our Next Journey – The Pacific Crest Trail!

On April 17, 2016 we will begin hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). It runs 2,650 miles from the Mexican Border in California to the Canadian Border in Washington.
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The Trekking the Planet Book is Now Available!

In 2011, 25-year corporate veteran Sandy Van Soye had a dream to travel with a purpose. Out of this vision came the Trekking the Planet expedition. Sandy and her husband Darren left their jobs and traveled 14 months to 53 countries on six continents, bringing the subject of geography to life through stories, pictures, and videos from the road. Following their travels were 55,000 students in 20 countries.
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Sunday Slideshow: Mediterranean Sea

This week's Sunday Slideshow highlights the Mediterranean Sea.
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