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Press Releases

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Apr 8, 2013 California Couple Completes Ultimate Around the World Journey using Princess Cruises
Mar 4, 2013 California Couple Completes Twelfth and Final Trek of the Trekking the Planet Expedition
Feb 5, 2013 California Couple Completes Expedition to Remote Amazon Reserve
Dec 14, 2012 California Couple Pass 50,000 Mile Mark as they Trek the Planet
Jan 28, 2012 Reality to Boost 21st Century Education.docx


Date  Title
May 23, 2013 Matador Network: Teaching Geography from a Traveler’s Perspective
Oct 4, 2012 Travel Link Sites: Around the World Travel: Darren & Sandy of Trekking The Planet
Jul 10, 2012 Career Break Secrets: Who’s Out There Now? Darren and Sandy
Jun 14, 2012 Dangerous Business: Thursday Traveler(s): Trekking the Planet

Two-minute Overview

Here is a short video overview about the Trekking the Planet expedition.

About the Van Soye’s

After 25-years in the IT industry, Darren and Sandy Van Soye embarked on a 424-day around-the-world journey to raise geo-literacy in K-12 students. Prior to this trip, they had traveled to over 40 countries on six continents, most of it using independently organized itineraries. Learn more about Darren and Sandy here.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered Prior to the Trekking the Planet Journey

What are You Doing?

We are taking a 424-day around-the-world journey to six continents, visiting approximately 50 countries. The name of our expedition is “Trekking the Planet”.

What is Your Mission?

Our mission is to instill a greater awareness and curiosity about the world – its people, culture and our fragile planet – to as many kids as possible. Studies have shown that American knowledge of geography is among the worst in the world. By following the progress of this expedition, kids can gain greater knowledge of where Kyrgyzstan or Ethiopia is, for example, and learn more about the world’s people, culture and nature.

When did your Journey Begin?

  • Our trip began on January 28, 2012. You can follow us LIVE here.

How is Your Journey Unique?

  • During the time we are away, we are taking a series of hikes or “treks” to some of the most remote and unspoiled places in the world.
  • We are traveling by ground (boat, train, bus) where possible, to experience the world more closely and minimize our carbon footprint.
  • We are engaging K-12 students by providing enrichment materials: sixty (60) four-page weekly overviews (that correspond to where we will be) that use the framework of the Geography Standards of 1994 developed by the US National Council for Geographic Education.
  • We are sending out weekly supplemental emails with our impressions during our journey as well as images and video from the road. We have a website (, Facebook page and Twitter account (@TrekkingPlanet).
  • We want the communication to be two-way and plan to answer student questions along the way.
  • Our materials are totally free to educators, kids and parents.

You can read a Q&A session with Darren and Sandy here.

Press Release Photos

Darren and Sandy Van Soye (Click for hi-res photo)

Sandy visiting school in American Samoa

Sandy visiting classroom in Northern Laos

Darren visiting school in Gheling, Mustang, Nepal

Sandy and Darren on the Kungsleden Trail, Sweden

Sandy and Darren on Walking Safari in Kenya

Sandy Speaking at School in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Sandy and Darren in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Sandy and Darren Trekking in Jordan

Support from Educators and the Press

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Fullerton Observer – Oct 2012
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