Photo Gallery: Northern Ethiopia

During the three weeks we spent in Ethiopia we saw a variety of people while traveling in the northern portion of the country. Here are a few of our favorite photos:

Monk at Lake Tana Ura Kidane Meret Monastery

Boys playing in Gonder

Busy market in Debark

Friendly girls at Debark marketplace

Young herders in Simien Mountains National Park

Working in the fields near Argin village in Simien Mountains National Park

Kids in Argin village - Simien Mountains National Park

Woman and donkeys walking between Debark and Aksum

Men walking down street in Aksum

Priest at Abuna Yemata Guh Church - Gheralta, Tigray region

Family traveling in the Gheralta, Tigray region

Priest sitting outside Bet Maryam Church, Lalibela

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