A Day in Pictures – Samburu: Wamba, Kenya

Wamba, population 4,000, is a small town in the Samburu region of north central Kenya. It is located on the edge of the Mathews Range and near the Samburu National Reserve. Although Wamba is located on a dirt road, the main northbound road to the Ethiopian border is just a few miles away. Wamba is a semi-arid environment with unpredictable rainfall.

We spent the better part of a week here as we explored the communities in the area. This provided us with the opportunity to observe and take a series of pictures of everyday life in this remote part of Kenya. Enjoy!

The main street of Wamba

Wamba Storefront

Boy with wheelbarrow

Carrying water down the main steet

Classrrom at Wamba CCN Primary School

Changing a tire

Woman in front of a shop

Men engrossed in a ntotoi match

Woman walking down the street

Wamba storefronts

Students at Ntepes Primary School

Samburu Man

Men unloading bags of avocados

Boys playing soccer - ball is made out of strips of cloth

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2 comments on “A Day in Pictures – Samburu: Wamba, Kenya
  1. allowa lesamana says:

    i have been born in this place,im working at namunyak wildlife conservancy.

  2. Mary Newsham (Kennedy) says:

    I have lived in this town. I was a teacher there for 2 years in 1980s. I LOVE Wamba!!