Trekking the Planet: Two-Minute Overview Update [Video]

Our two-minute overview video has been updated! In this video you will learn about our journey and see some of our pictures and video from our school visits and treks. During our expedition, we are traveling to 50 countries on six continents over 424 days or 14 months. We are taking this trip in the hope of getting kids excited about the subject of geography. Each week we are making geography accessible to them by publishing educational materials from the road. To date, we have received 850 subscriptions from educators located in 20 countries, representing 50,000 students. We also have a “Friends” subscriber base (representing our friends and family plus others who just want to come along for the ride).

During our trip, we are taking a series of multiple day hikes or treks to some of the most remote and unspoiled places on the planet. Each location was selected because of its natural or cultural significance. We have already completed five treks, hiking over 200 miles. When we can, we focus on sustainability practices, celebrating the successes that we find as we travel. We are also staying “close to the ground” meaning that, instead of flying, we try to use local public transportation whenever we can, whether it is a bus, a train, a ferry or a ship. To date, we have covered over 36,000 miles, with more than 80% of that on land or sea.

Our videos are also available in Vimeo. Check out our channel!

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