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The Trekking the Planet team will be visiting Africa in just a few days (Tuesday, October 2)! We will be visiting four National Parks – three in Kenya and one in Ethiopia. We will be seeing ANIMALS! But, also, we will be visiting sites of cultural significance. Make sure to subscribe to get the materials as they are published.

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We have written three articles that cover our time in Africa.

Samburu Region

We will be spending a little less than two months in the countries of Kenya and Ethiopia, beginning in October. During our time in Africa we will be taking part in a variety of cultural and natural activities. Continue reading…

Maasai Mara Walking Safari

While in Kenya, we will visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve in the southern portion of the country. This is one of Kenya’s most famous protected areas. Continue reading…

Kenya and Ethiopia National Parks

In addition to our walking safari, we will be visiting several other national parks in both Kenya and Ethiopia. Read the story to learn more about each park. Continue reading…

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